Play X Factor Slots

Winning the X Factor Game

Winning the X Factor Game

Want to win a life changing amount? It’s hard to escape the X Factor this year and now you can take the steps to stardom in this very popular TV themed slot game.

Sign-up and play the X-factor slot game.

But is this game any good?
First of all, if your looking for something which will make you a singing sensation then this game might not be for you! However if your looking for a fun and exciting game then X Factor slots is a good choice.

The game offers 15 lines giving you more chances to win, as usual with Jackpotjoy games there are great graphics and sounds, it’s also really easy to play. While we love the X Factor theme the game does lack some of the features of other TV show games such as our favorite Family Fortunes (we definitely recommend you try this one).

Bonus Match 3 bonus stars and get the chance to win big in the mini game shown below.

X factor bonus game

X factor bonus game

Lucky Games Tip!
You can sign play this game for free, YES free. This gives you a chance to see if you like it. All you have to do is sign up at Betfair and play the game.

How do I win?
This game is based on a classic slots machine, you spin the reels and try to match the horizontal rows. Modern online games give you the chance to match more than the center row associated with traditional slot machines.

Where can I play it?
The x fator game can be played at a handful of websites, if you want to get lucky and win big we recommend either betfair or jackpotjoy. Good Luck!

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