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You may have noticed that one of TV’s most loved games, who wants to be a millionaire is back on our screens with a brand new look. Now the the gameshow is back on our screens we are sure there is going to be lots of people looking to play the classic game online.
play who wants to be a millioniare

This game can be played online a Ladbrokes for a cash or for free.

millionaire online game

Me playing who wants to be a millionaire

Test you knowledge in the new online millionaire cash quiz

Fancy play the TV show online for real cash? Unfortunately you can’t win £1million in this online version, however depending on your stake you could earn a nice little profit. The jackpot is 20x your stake, e.g. if you stake £5 the jackpot will be £100.

The graphics on this game are really impressive and yes it is the real Chris Tarrant who hosts the game and guides you up the money tree,

We played this game and found it fun but also a good challange, the questions are not easy so be prepared for some head scratching. Especially when you only have 20 seconds to answer the question, that probably means not enough time to visit wikipedia! Maybe get some help from family and friends on the tougher questions.

Just like the TV show you get 4 important lifelines. However you can only use these if you successfully answer the “fastest finger first” round.

So what are the lifelines?

Ask the audience – A graph will show you the results from a poll of the virtual audience (these are usually pretty accurate so your best bet is to go with the most popular answer).

Phone a friend – Chris Tarrant will phone a virtual friend who will tell you what they think the answer is, and how sure they are (make sure your speakers are on so you can hear!).

50:50 – Just like the tv show, the computer will take away two wrong answers and leave two remaining answers.

Try Again – If you do not get the first question correct then you can try again (notice this lifeline is only for your first question).

Summary:who wants to be a millionaire online game

This online version of the Who Wants to be a Millionaire game is almost identical to the TV show and one of the best TV games we have reviewed, it is tough so make sure you have some fun with it. Good Luck!

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