What would you do with £90million?

It’s a Euromillions rollover this week! A massive £90,000,000 is up for grabs in the European lottery.

So what do you get for £90million these days? That’s about $150million, €100million (euros) and ¥13billion (yen).
How would you spend that amount of money? Well for a bit of fun here are some ideas!

How about some fast cars?

The Bugatti Veyron is the world’s most expensive street car at a £1million. With 0-60 acceleration in 2.6 seconds and a prestigious owners club including David Beckham and Ralph Loren this car is a must for any new multi-millionaire.

Bugatti Veyron Car

Bugatti Veyron Car

How about those times when you just want to nip out to the shops? This is where you need a run-about car and a perfect choice is the Mercedes Benz Slr. This car mixes speed and performance with style and at only £300,000, it’s a bargain!

Mercedes Benz Slr

Mercedes Benz Slr

Fancy a big house?

Where are you going to park all these new cars? Like any millionaire your going to need an impressive home. The question is big house in the country? or penthouse in the city? Why not both.

Warreners Lane is a country mansion fit for a King. Sitting on 1.45 acres of Surrey countryside this modern house is located 24 miles from central London. At £12,500,000 it seems cheap to a euromillions winner.

Warreners Lane

Warreners Lane

Want something closer to town?

This Chelsea 3 bedroom apartment offers stunning views of the Thames and Chelsea harbor. This apartment is currently on sale for £3,450,000.

Maybe a yacht?

Sunseeker 30m Yacht – For a bit of fun in the sun every millionaire needs a flash yacht the ultimate show of wealth! This 30m Sunseeker will set you back £6,500,000. Fitted with a Bang & Olufsen sound system throughout, this super yacht includes a Jacuzzi and sunbed area. Its big enough for to sleep 10 of your favourite guests and also 5 crew to make sure your every need is catered for.


Your very own private Island

Buck Island, part of the virgin islands can be yours for approximately £30million. The island is comprises of 43 acres of natural beauty. Situated on the island are a number of buildings including a main residence and a number of guest houses.

Buck Island

Buck Island

A very expensive phone

How about one of the world’s most expensive mobile phones to impress your friends with. The Sony Ericsson Black Diamond will lcertainly make you stand out from the crowd (if anyone notices). At a whopping £180,000 this phone does not come cheap, its very hard to reason spending this much on a phone which at the end of the day is pretty featureless but it certainly looks good!

Something for the ladies

The world’s most expensive handbag would certainly impress. The Chanel diamond forever is exclusive as they come. With only 13 available in the world and made up of 334 diamonds, it not surprising that this handbag comes with a price tag of £150,000.
Chanel diamond forever

We have only spent roughly £55million…lots more left

So with just over half spent on the above items there is still lots left to play with. The wise people among you will be thinking charities and investment at this stage, maybe you would give most of it away? Maybe you would find it very easy to spend.

So what would you do with £90million?

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