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Big Brother 2010 is going out with a bang! Winners and contestents from previous years will soon be entering the BB house and fight it out to earn the title of “ultimate big brother champion”!

ultimate big brother game

Play this game online for free

Paddy Power has a great online game which can be played for free or for real cash. The game takes place over 5 voting rounds. The aim of the game is to predict which housemates will be evicted and which will survive each round right up until the final.

Ultimate Big Brother 2010

Ultimate BB 2010 game at Paddy Power

Each housemates are given random odds on the chances the will be evicted or survive it is your choice whether you back the favoruites or the outsiders.

After playing this game for a bit you quickly learn to back the favorites as they are likely to survive however there is always a chance of an upset. This game is difficult to fully explain and I recommend you try the free version here. If you find yourself doing well than maybe you can have a go for some real cash. Its a fun game and a unique twist on other TV show games.

This odds of the contestants winning on the game are of course fictional and randomly assigned to a contestent at the start of every new game. If you want to see the real odds for ultimate big brother 2010 then Paddy Power also has them on their website.

At the time of writing this review the odds for Big Brother 2010 are as follows.

Ultimate Big Brother Odds

  • Josie – 8/13
  • Corin – 11/4
  • Sam – 6/1
  • Mario – 18/1
  • John James – 20/1
  • Andrew – 20/1
  • Steve – 22/1
  • JJ – 25/1
  • Dave – 40/1

Visit Paddy Power for up to date odds and for more ultimate big brother information visit Channel 4′s website.

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