The best TV show themed bingo games

What happens when Bingo meets TV shows? We look at the best TV inspired bingo games!

We love great TV and we also love fantastic bingo games, so when these two meet we can’t help but get excited. With bingo becoming so popular here in the UK there are lots of players looking for new games to play. Here is a run down of our favourite bingo games based on some well known TV shows.

Deal or no Deal bingo

The daddy of all TV game shows is Deal or no Deal and it seems to be bigger than ever. Now there is a superb bingo version to play. If you are a fan of the TV show then there is no shortage of ways to get your DOND fix online. We have already reviewed some of the most popular ways to play Deal or no Deal including playing it online for real money or playing it for free. Now there is a new way to play – Deal or no Deal bingo is the latest game to feature a Deal or no deal twist. In fact we have already reviewed Deal or no deal bingo here. In short this is a must for any DOND fans.

Family Fortunes Bingo

Play Family fortunes bingo game
One of our all time favourite game shows Family Fortunes now has a bingo version, while there are a number of online versions of this show such as the popular slot game, for us this is the best. Unlike any other bingo game where you win by achieving BINGO on your ticket, this game allows you to win if any of your “Family Members” get BINGO. Now when we say family members we mean your selected family of fellow bingo players. Your new family will be given a family name and you are even able to chat to each other while the balls are called out.

This team aspect is new to us and offers a great community game, best of all there is more chances to win and you will find yourself shouting for your fellow family members to get a share of the winnings.

We really enjoyed this game and it gets a big thumbs up from us! Play Family Fortunes Bingo

Britain’s got talent Bingo

I know what your thinking, how can Britain’s got talent be a bingo game? Well we thought that as well and while the game provides some great novelty we are not sure if real bingo lovers will be to keen to play BGT bingo. However the game does redeem itself with a nice bonus round which offers players a chance to win up to £250 for the “Judges Jackpot”. All in all not a bad game even if the connection to Britain’ Got Talent is a bit weak. Play Britain’s Got Talent Bingo

Price is Right Bingo

Come on down for the Price is right bingo! You may remember the advert for this game it was heavily promoted by Jackpotjoy and has since become a classic for bingo fans. The game is based on the popular TV show and has some fantastic mini games and bonus rounds. The top prize is a brand new Mini Cooper. The tickets for this 75 ball bingo game are only 10p also making it one of the cheapest games around. With top prizes and more chances to win its hard not to like this one. Play Price is Right Bingo

Blockbusters Bingo

Play Blockbusters Bingo
Another great TV show with a bingo twist, again Mecca Bingo have this exclusive game which is based on the classic 90′s show. With this game you will probably find you either love it or hate it. Mecca have done such as good job of sticking to the original TV show format that for some it may not feel like a bingo game, this may be perfect for some players.

Each ticket bought represents 20 letters, the aim of the game is to complete a line, column or both on the blockbusters board. To add some extra excitement Mecca Bingo have also added a £5,000 jackpot to the game if the first 5 letters you match spell BINGO, great feature!

Overall we really enjoyed this game and its perfect for anyone looking for a bingo game but with a new twist.

Play Blockbusters Bingo game

Of course it helps if you love bingo games, however the above TV based games are a great way for anyone getting bored with more traditional games to add a new exciting twist to their bingo.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we do.

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