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There are lots of great online cash and prize game websites on the internet. While it is not hard to find them it can be difficult knowing which ones are the best. Our aim is to help you decide which site is best for you from the top bingo sites to the luckiest casino games.

Our latest review is the games section of popular Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, we really enjoyed this site and the hundreds of available games to play on it. To find out more read or review of Paddy Power games to see if you agree.

You can read review of the well known Ladbrokes games website and see what we think.

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  1. stephen hood says:

    bet 39 pounds on the virtual horses game site at ladbrokes,the race went off,but the horses did,nt appear but the sound of them running continued along with full commentary,8 beat seven according to commentary.ias part of my bet i had £7 on 8 at 16/1 and a £! f/c 8 and 7 paying a further £220.expecting my account to be credited i was stunned to see they gave a completley diffirent result. i contacted ladbrokes and said according to the result they have on record my bet was beat.they ignored completley what had occurred .i thought daylight robbery had occurred.

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