Simon Cowell bets on Red or Black

ITV’s latest game show Red or Black could be Simon Cowell’s biggest gamble of his career. The new game is set to air in the Autumn and will be based on the classic casino game of roulette.

Contestants will play for a huge £1 million prize by guessing the outcome of a series of 50/50 events. The contestent who accurately predicts the outcome of these events ten times in a row will scoop the huge jackpot.

Like most of the media moguls productions we can expect big sets and lots of drama. This game will certainly be more than spinning a roulette wheel, expect people strapped to rockets, skydiving and arena sized pinball machines.

So far the makers of the show claim that over 100,000 applications have applied for the show. Clearly there is no shortage of hopeful applicants but Cowell will hope to pull in millions of viewers to make the show pay off.

Find out more about the Red or Black game at the official ITV webpage.

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