Play the health lottery and check results

Play the health lottery online and check resultsYou have probably heard the stories and you have definitely seen the TV adverts, now it is time to find out more about “The Health Lottery”.

The Health Lottery is the newest national game which aims to raise money for health causes in the UK with a very familiar lottery ball format. Indeed just like its main rivel “The National Lottery” the new health lottery lets players pick their favourite numbers which are drawn in a weekly televised draw.

Intestinally the Health Lottery chooses to draw the balls during TV ad breaks between popular TV programs. Currently the health lottery is drawing its results during Saturday’s live X Factor show on ITV and also on Channel 5.

How do I play?

In a bid to simplify the game the Health lottery lets players choose only 5 numbers between 1 and 50. No bonus balls hear just a straight 5 number raffle draw. Each line, which consists of 5 numbers cost £1.

Players can buy their tickets online from the official health lottery website and also from partnering retailers which includes many well known supermarkets.

What do I win? The payouts for health lottery are one of the best features see below for the payout amounts.

3 numbers = £30
4 numbers = £500
5 numbers = £100,000

The health lottery do suggest in their terms and conditions that amounts may be lower than the above on weeks where there is a large number of winners.

Clearly the health lottery’s strategy is to make the prize amounts much more attractive especially when you consider the national lottery pays out between £5 and £10 for matching 3 numbers. While their is no huge £million jackpots the spread of winners is likely to be greater.

How do I check the results?

Checking the results is easy and can be done online. As already mentioned the official draw takes live on ITV and Channel 5 each saturday night. If you miss the live draw then simply check your results online by visiting the health lottery results page on it website.

You can also find out more about some of the great causes the lottery supports.

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