National Lottery launches Monopoly 3D

Now you can play the classic board game Monopoly, in 3D.

Well maybe 3D is pushing it a bit, its not quite Avatar. Still the graphics on the newest monopoly game from the National Lottery are fantastic and bring it to life. The national lottery website currently has a number of good monopoly games, before monopoly 3D, I was a fan of monopoly gold however the latest version wins hands down.

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Similar to the board game simply roll the dice and collect your property. The big cash prizes are won by collecting sets of property's for example £50,000 can be won if you collect both Mayfair and Park Lane.

We definitely think this new monopoly game will be a hit with players, especially with the addition of a number of mini-games which give you more chances to win some cash.

Play monopoly 3D game online

Of course the National Lottery website has got loads of great games and online scratchcards but you can also buy your euromillions and lotto tickets from the website, another great reason to sign-up.

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