UK Millionaire Raffle and Euromillions

On November the 7th the National Lottery is launching “Millionaire Raffle“. When you buy a Euromillions ticket you will also be given a unique raffle number for the new Millionaire Raffle lotto, one person in the UK is guaranteed to win £1 million every week.

To help pay for this guaranteed jackpot of £1,000,000 the price of a Euromillions ticket will increase from £1.50 to £2 per line.

Watch on the millionaire raffle on TV

The millionaire raffle will be held every Friday after the Euromillions draw, the first draw will take play on Friday the 13th but you will be able to buy your tickets here from Saturday November 7th. Like the main draw the millionaire raffle will be broadcast on the BBC.

Play Millionaire Raffle Online

Sign-up for a National Lottery account to enter the Millionaire Raffle

You can play the National Lottery online from the comfort of your home, from Novermber the 7th when you buy a Euromillions ticket you will automatically receive a UK millionaire raffle number with your tickets.

This raffle is exclusive to the UK and will create 52 millionaires every year. Unlike the Euromillions there is no rollover and every week there is a guaranteed give-away of £1,000,000 to one lucky person.

However like any traditional raffle you cannot choose your own numbers. The code you randomly receive will contain 3 letters and 6 numbers (eg BCD123456).

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