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Million Pound Drop Game
Want to play TV show Million Pound Drop Online game?

The new channel 4 TV programe can now be played online for real cash with an online jackpot of up to £100,000. The game is exclusive to Bet365 and just like the TV show will be on the edge of your seat and if your lucky you might also be jumping with joy.

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Unlike the TV show the online game does not test your knowledge as no questions are asked. That means you do not need to be a genius but you must be able to hold your nerve under pressure. However the rest of this game is just like the programe, simply choose where to place your cash and hope that you do not see your money drop. A good strategy is to start the game by evenly spreading your cash out between each of the drop zones.

Golden Ticket Jackpot online

This game has a great bonus feature. As you play the game you can earn golden tickets. When you collect 5 golden tickets you will be invited to play a mini-game with a jackpot of a massive £100,000.

Million Pound Drop Online
Play for a life changing £100,000 in the online version with a huge jackpot.

Million Pound Drop Game

The Money Drop is a tense game in which you are given your total prize money at the very start. You are then presented with a number of trapdoors – it’s up to you to decide which ones you will place your prize money on. At the end of each round trapdoors will slide open – you get to keep whatever is placed on the trapdoor that remains closed. The rest falls victim to The Money Drop.

The key to this game is judging how best to divide and place your prize money. Do you place all of your money on one trapdoor, or hedge your bets and divide the money across multiple doors? The greater the number of rounds and doors you play, the larger the potential prize money. Use your judgement to place the money wisely, at all times aiming to avoid The Money Drop!

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  2. glen davis says:

    how can my partner and i apply to cmpete on this fantastic show?

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