Mecca Moments gets even better with new Jackpot

It feels like only yesterday we welcomed the return of Mecca Bingo's “Mecca Moments”, now the leading Bingo site has gone one better by upping their daily jackpot from £1,000 to £10,000. This huge giveaway also coincides with a new TV advert running in March which highlights how you can get your hands on £10,000.

The new advert which can be viewed below, will run from Monday 28th until the 13th of March. During this time a daily £10,000 jackpot is guaranteed to be won at plus another £10,000 game in your local Mecca Bingo Club!

The jackpot game will take place every evening at 10.15pm online while games at the clubs will vary. The first week the game will take place at 12.30pm and the second week it will be at 6.30pm.

So get online and visit Mecca and make sure you do not miss out on this great offer. Also look out for the very generous £50 bonus when you join today!

YouTube Preview Image

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