McDonalds Monopoly 2011 is back and bigger than ever

We love free online games on this website and currently one of the biggest free games is being played in the UK. It's called McDonalds Monopoly and as you may have seen from the TV ads, there is lots to play for and win.

McDonalds Monopoly Card

Play McDonalds Monopoly 2011

To play the game is simple, just visit your local McDonald's restaurant and collect the monopoly stickers sold with a range of meals and burgers. Each sticker matches a property on a UK monopoly game board, the more stickers you collect the more prizes you can win.

There are 3 ways of winning McDonalds Monopoly these include:
Win Online – Once you have your 10 digit code you can enter online at the McDonalds Monopoly website. Prizes are being won every minute online and you can earn yourself £200 in cash.
Collect to Win – Collect property's from the monopoly board to win prizes. For example, collect Park Lane and Mayfair and you will win £500,000 in cash. Collect all four train stations and win a £500 shopping spree.

Instant Win – Reveal your sticker and if it says the magic words “instant win” you will instantly win, there are lots of prizes up for gabs including a new Mini Cooper car.

So make sure you join in on the fun and start playing McDonalds Monopoly 2011 today, there are lots of fantastic prizes waiting to be won.

Want to play Monopoly online for real cash?

Monopoly is one of the biggest board games in the world and now it can be played online for real cash. What do you get when you mix the fun and excitement of Monopoly with the thrill and speed of the card game Snap, well you get Monopoly Snap. A fantastic game from Jackpotjoy which lets you win big cash prizes from the comfort of your home. So if you can't get enough of Monopoly why not go for that big jackpot and play Monopoly Snap online.

Monopoly Snap Game

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