National Lottery introduces Lotto Plus 5

This month saw the introduction of a new National Lottery prize draw called “Lotto Plus 5″. The new draw replaces Dream Number and can be purchased alongside a standard National Lottery tickets.

For an extra £1 players can purchase a Lotto Plus 5 entry which gives them 5 extra chances to win with their chosen lottery numbers.

To play simply select which a line of lottery numbers you wish to use for Lotto Plus 5, these numbers will then be entered into 5 separate draws each day on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Just like a standard Lotto draw, a player will win by matching three or more numbers with fixed prizes ranging from £2.50 to £250,000.

This gives players an extra chance to win big with their lucky numbers, players can purchase their tickets online and also check the results of the daily Lotto Plus 5 draws on the official National Lottery website.

Why not try Plus 5 today, Good Luck!

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