Ladbrokes £50 no deposit casino bonus

Has Ladbrokes gone mad?

£50 no deposit casino bonus

We thing so, this is one of the best casino bonuses I have seen in a long time. Credit to Ladbrokes for giving away such a great casino bonus. It’s No Deposit – You do not have to deposit anything! Get £50 worth of Free Casino Chips.

Free £50 bonus for new Ladbrokes Casino customers is an amazing deal, I don’t think this is going to last much longer. If you fancy it you should claim your £50 today.

So what’s the catch?
That is always my first question, so I did some research!

£50 no deposit casino bonus

I read all of the annoying small print searching for the “catch” and here is what I found – Basically if you think you can just sign-up, get the £50 and then withdraw it to your bank, you won’t be able to.

But that is fine with me. I want to spend my £50 in the casino and hopefully double, triple or maybe even more!

So is that it? Well the only other “catch” I could find is that you have to enter your email address and Ladbrokes username into this form after you register. I am guessing this is so Ladbrokes can make sure you do not sign-up more than once. But once you have done that you get your bonus within 48 hours.

So my final thoughts on this bonus
To be honest this is a really great bonus, I cannot find any drawbacks. If you have never joined an online casino or have never tried Ladbrokes then your timing is perfect to try this deal.

I have a confession – I actually signed up to Ladbrokes casino when I first found about this bonus, I do not do that often, but sometimes there is a deal which is unmissable.

Why not visit Ladbrokes for yourself and see if £50 worth of free casino chips is for you :)

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