Jackpotjoy launches new slot jungle jump

Jackpotjoy slot gameLeading bingo and slot website Jackpotjoy shows no signs of slowing up for the summer. The UK website has just launched its latest online slot game.

Jungle Jump is one of the most original slot game we have seen!

Join “Jin” the red panda who will try and guide you to a big money with through the jungle. This is not just a slot game, it also features bonus rounds which feature big wins as you meet different jungle characters.

The jungle jump game is a casacading slot, this means lots more chances to win as you play.

What is a cascading slot?

Jungle jump gameWhen playing a Cascading Slot, all winning symbols will disappear once they have paid out. This leaves space for the free addition of more symbols to fall from the top of the slot. This is like receiving a free spin every time you get a winning line or row!

Commenting on the new feature, Jackpotjoy boss Michael Saunders said “The cascade is a great feature…It’s a really good way to extend the winning experience even after your spin, it offers the chance of a multiple winning experience from every spin and that can’t be a bad thing!”

This is a very innovative slot game and is fantastic for players looking for something slightly different to the slots they have played before. The graphics are some of the best we have seen and the bonus rounds give the slot a game like feel which makes it stand out compared to more traditional slots.

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