ITV’s The Cube game show is back for another series

As you may have already guessed, we love our TV game shows. One of our favourites is back on our screens, ITV’s The Cube, hosted by Phillip Schofield. Play the cube game show

The game is one of the most intense game shows, as it mixes skill, ability and pressure inside a very intimidating glass cube. The Cube challenges contestants to deceptively simple tasks, which may look easy but once inside the cube can become very difficult. Each player starts the game with 9 lives, if they can complete all 7 tasks they will win £250,000. However once a player steps into the cube they must win or else they risk walking away with nothing, this game requires people who are cool under pressure with a winning strategy.

So the big question is, can anyone beat the Cube, and walkaway with £250,000?

Play the Cube online

Lots of people have been search for an online version of this game show, unfortunately there is not an online version of the game available to play, there is an iPhone app which has had mixed reviews in the app store. So while we are waiting for an official online cube game to come out, there are some fantastic alternatives.

Best TV show games online: One of the most popular TV games is Deal or no Deal online, we have reviewed this game and it has to be one of our all time favourites to play online. The game is very similar to the TV show and also has some huge jackpots if you are brave enough to take on the banker. Another fantastic game show is Golden Balls, you may remember the ITV show hosted by Jasper Carrot, this is one game where the online version might just be better than the TV show, lots of people have won big, but it all depends if you can handle the pressure when choosing whether to split or steal.

Applying for the cube game show?

If your looking for an application for one of the most exciting and intense game shows then why not try the official ITV website, there is a Cube Game, application form for the next set of 2011 applicants. Good luck and we hope to see you on our TV screens soon!

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27 Responses to ITV’s The Cube game show is back for another series

  1. claire notov says:

    i would love to beat the cube

  2. adam liam o'connell says:

    Hi I would love 2 be on the cube because I think that I have got the skill to beat the cube for that jackpot

  3. stephen cale says:

    hello my name is stephen and i would love to beat the cube and take the jack pot.

  4. diane finch says:

    hi i would love to try to beat the cube love it watch it all the time and am a risk taker

  5. daniel thomas says:

    I would love to beat the cube and believe I could do it, and take the jackpot. I can beat the rubix cube so why not Phillips cube

  6. damon kirk says:

    I would like the opportunity to beat the cube and take the jackpot!

  7. I would love to be on the show , because I think I have the skill to beat the cube .

  8. Andrew boswell says:

    Hello my name is Andrew and I know I would have a very very good chance of beating the cube as i am quite skill full and would love to win the jackpot thank you

  9. karen fitzgerald says:

    Hi would love to have a go and give it my best I think I would be get far and hopefully reach the jackpot.

  10. sarah leyland says:

    love the game the cube i would realy love to try and beat cube thanks sarah

  11. Tim Brand says:

    Hi my name is tim. I would love to be on the cube. I would like to win the jackpot but just to enter and test my abilities would be great. You see people on the tv and ur at home screaming at the tele sayin i could do that. Well sign me up cuz i have the heart for it and passion and phillip is great nice to have a chat with him.

  12. jordan smith says:

    hi i know i will beat the cube and win the jackpot i would go all the way guaranteed try me x

  13. Evren says:

    jakpot im coming to get u !!!!!!!

  14. Dean Wolman says:

    I’m ready to beat the cube and win the jackpot and i’ve been practising

  15. richard murphy says:

    Hi my name is richard i would love the chance to beat the cube i no its not as easy as it looks but think with my skills and confidence i have got a great chance and would love to take a gamble at winning some serious amounts of money.

  16. Paul Harding says:

    hi, im a big fan of the cube and all my friends and family keep telling me to get on the show as they think i would beat the cube and im quietly confident i would..BRING IT ON!

  17. wayne middleton says:

    i would love to beat the cube and prove to my girlfirend i can do it!

  18. Tony goodyer says:

    Hi my name is Tony, I think I am ready to beat the cube.

  19. Tony goodyer says:

    I think I have what it takes

  20. danny murgatroyd says:

    I no I can do it, I have always excelled at all variety of sports and no that the cube would not beat me. I Am confident and just no I would take the jackpot home, bring it on

  21. lee says:

    hi iam lee and would love to give the cube ago thanks

  22. steven harvey says:

    I really want to beat the cube, i know i definately have the skill and patience, cube you will be beaten!!!!

  23. Sian Bradley says:

    I’m not the brightest this is my only chance!

  24. Yassin kanyi says:

    can i be on the cube i am famous for being a acter and for my dog to be talented

  25. steven heather says:

    i would love the chance to beat the cube iam sure i could beat it

  26. peter storer says:

    Hello my name is peter storer i would love to be on the cube as i am very skillfull and would love to be able to win the jackpot so i can take my wife to be on holiday after she has had my two son as she is ready for having them anytime now :) thank you

  27. simon caine says:

    id love to prove myself against the cube and squash any doubts that gingers cant perform lol

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