ITV’s The Chase game returns to our screens

The chase gameWe love our TV quiz shows here at Lucky Games. One of my favourites at the moment is ITV’s The Chase, now in its third season the show continues to test the general knowledge of contestants under the pressure of being pursued by the formidable Chaser.

The Chase game is hosted by Bradley Walsh who is joined by the Chaser in the later part of the show. Did you know: There is currently 3 Chasers who take it in turns to film the show, they are – Mark Labbett, Anne Hegerty and Shaun Wallace. These 3 individuals are self proclaimed quiz geniuses who make it their mission that contestants win as little as possible.

Want to be a contestent?

If you want to appear on this game show then why not apply online. By filling in the application form online at the official website, you can face the chaser and if your lucky take home the cash prize on offer.

Do not forget there are lots of other great TV game shows online.

Play other TV games online

We have reviewed a number of great TV shows, unfortunately there is currently no online version of The Chase to play – but here are some fantastic alternative.

  • Deal or no Deal game – Its now a reached “classic” status as one of the most popular game show, can you beat the banker?
  • Golden Balls online – Still a popular TV show, this is one of the best TV show games you can play online.
  • Family Fortunes game – The popular family game has a great online version which is fan and can be very profitable!

What are The Chase rules?

There are four key rounds to the game show. The first round consists of quick fire questions aimed at four contestants, the players must work together to build up their cash bank. The second step lets the players change their starting position on the board, the smaller the distance between players and the chaser means the bigger the prize money. The next rounds involve the Chaser using their substantial knowledge to answer as many questions as they can, players must evade the chaser to make it to the final round. The final chase is 2 minutes of all out action and the big question is: can the Chaser get home before the time is up?

YouTube Preview Image

Do you think you could be the chaser?

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14 Responses to ITV’s The Chase game returns to our screens

  1. louise bulger says:

    I do want to take down the chaser

  2. Jessica says:

    Can i get the game on my iPod please

  3. diane says:

    the programme at the end of Feb beginning March the question was asked “when is simnel cake traditionaly given ” Mothers Day New Years Day Good Friday ” the answer given by the contestant was Mothers Day the Chaser also said Mothers Day the right answer on the answer Line was Mothers Day Now this was wrong !!! Simnel cake is given on Good Friday Google agrees with me

  4. Maureen Stansfield says:

    Rules go out of the window when the chaser answers then changes his mind and beat the panel on Tuesday 22nd March 2011. Contestants lost out on big prize. Look back and you will see I am right
    Bradley always speeds up when he is asking the chaser questions, so chaser bound to win most times
    Then on Wednesday 23rd March 2011 a contestant gave wrong answer and then corrected but Bradley said rule of game is first answer only applies.
    Sort it out !!

  5. clare beacham says:

    i want to play the game

  6. charlotte mcmillan says:

    yes i would like play a game i got gareth my bf

  7. sarah says:

    no beacuse if it was marks turn 2 b the chaser i would distracked by him he is very tall dark and vary,very handsome i love him 2 c him in the flesh:()

  8. Paul Treby says:

    Elvis would celebrate his 100 bithday in 2036 NOT 2035 !

  9. perry says:

    When are they bringing the chase game out for pc?

  10. cathy says:

    can you get a board game of the chase? and if so where? in ireland

  11. Rita whitley says:

    I love Bradley. When will The Chase be back please? Thanks

  12. launa says:

    i want to be on the chase but i will just guess the answers

  13. debbi says:

    i love watching the chase i watch it all the time

  14. adam says:

    i love watching the chase it’s fun to watch because all the question’s they give you

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