Huge £54million Euromillions Christmas draw

Its that time again, a massive Euromillions rollover is here so make sure you play this Friday. Get your ticket online for a chance to win big. Fancy a bit of a Christmas bonus? This win would make a bankers bonus look small.

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The story of the £45million jackpot winners

You may remember a few weeks ago Les Scadding and his wife Samantha Peachey-Scadding dreams came true when they won a massive £45 million on the Euromillions lotto.

Here is there story: (via

Les and Samantha quietly celebrated with a Sunday lunch in their favourite restaurant, after learning of the win on Saturday evening. Les went to Tesco on Spytty Road in Newport, where he bought his Lucky Dip ticket, to buy some groceries on Saturday evening, and decided to check his EuroMillions ticket on the way out. He recalled, “When I asked the people behind the counter to check the numbers, the machine just printed out a pink slip, telling me to contact Camelot. I thought I might have won around £50,000, and I rushed home to tell Samantha.”

Les got back to the house, where Samantha was doing some work at her computer. She immediately went online to check their numbers, where it was revealed that two winners in the UK had shared over £90 million.

Les said: “It was a very funny couple of minutes. We just looked at each other while it sunk in, before we got on the phone to Camelot.”

However, the couple took the staggering news in their stride, and on Sunday went for lunch at their favourite restaurant, The Priory, in Caerleon, with Samantha’s mother. Les said: “We always go to The Priory, as I know the owner really well, so we wouldn’t have gone anywhere different. We ordered a couple of bottles of Champagne and just had a quiet chat about it all, and tried to let it all sink in.”

Les, who has 3 grown-up children from his first marriage, is a qualified mechanic, but has worked for many years as a driver for various haulage companies. He is currently out of work, and had been looking for temporary driving contracts until Friday’s incredible win. Samantha runs her own marketing company, and works from home. She said: “There is quite a lot of pressure involved in running your own business, and I’ve been working 12 hour days recently. This win means I can take my foot off the pedal and relax a bit.”

Les says his first purchase will probably be replacing his Citroen C5 with a Range Rover Sport. The couple also plan to move to a bigger house, but say they will probably stay in South Wales, as well as possibly buying a holiday home.

Les and Samantha are now joint first in The National Lottery Rich List ahead of two other EuroMillions winners; Glasgow postal worker Angela Kelly who won £35.4m on 10th August 2007 and Brian and Joan Caswell from Bolton who won £24.9million in June.

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