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Hole in the Wall is the popular Saturday night BBC TV game show. Paddy Power have a great game based on the TV show. Luckily you won’t get wet playing the online version but you might win some great cash prizes.

The online version is a classic multi-slot machine game which features 20 lines giving you more chances to win. The fun characters and animations are similar to those used on the TV show. Once again Paddy Power have made a great game which is fun and easy to play.

Play for FREE or Cash, you choose

play hole in the wall

Hole In The Wall Bonus

Getting 2 or more Hole In The Wall symbols in any position pays a scatter award.

Getting 3 or more Hole In The Wall symbols triggers the Hole In The Wall Bonus. To start simply click on one of the bonus symbols to reveal a ‘starting award’, which is based on your total stake for that spin. This is yours to keep no matter what happens in the bonus. The number of triggering symbols, up to 5, determines how many walls you will face.

You enter the bonus round with the award amount you revealed on the bonus symbol. Each time you successfully clear a wall you earn an additional bonus multiplier that increases your starting award. The more walls you clear the larger the bonus multiplier. What’s more, the bonus multipliers you earn are added together.

No walls cleared – earn 1x multiplier
Clear 1 wall – earn an additional 3x multiplier
Clear 2 walls – earn an additional 5x multiplier
Clear 3 walls – earn an additional 10x multiplier
Clear 4 walls – earn an additional 20x multiplier
Clear 5 walls – earn an additional 40x multiplier

This means that with 5 triggering symbols you could win up to an amazing 79x (times) your starting award!

Failing to clear a wall does not end the bonus or reduce your current bonus award total, but your award multiplier will not increase.

The decision of which player to pick to face the wall, and the moving of that player from side to side as the wall approaches is for entertainment purposes only and does not affect the award outcome of the bonus.


2 Responses to Hole in the Wall

  1. jadyn says:

    i would really like to play hole in the wall with my family on my birthday but i dont know how much it costs can you emale me and tell me how much it costs and where your show is at.

  2. kamron says:

    it is alot of money

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