Have your tried Live Bingo online?

Online bingo has become very popular in the UK with millions playing online games every day. For many it is an enjoyable pastime which lets people chat to other players and meet new people.

For anyone who has played bingo online you may be looking for a new form of bingo which adds that extra twist to any bingo game you have played before. Maybe you now longer get the rush of excitement when you started playing bingo?

Well know there is a new game on the block and it’s called Live Bingo! This new type of bingo has got lots of players excited and is becoming more popular every month.

What are the different types of Live Bingo sites?

Currently there is only a handful of site which offer live bingo, when choosing a site its good to know that there are two different types of live bingo sites you can play.

Live Presenters / Bingo Callers
Play live bingoThis is probably the most obvious type of live bingo. On these sites you can watch your bingo numbers being called by a live presenter from the comfort of your home. For many people this helps create the bingo hall atmosphere, if you enjoy watching TV bingo such as ITV live bingo then you will certainly enjoy the following site.

Crown Bingo, has there very own live bingo studio where players can tune-in on their computer from 6pm every night, there are lots of great offers such as BOGOF bingo and you will quickly find your favourite presenter who might bring you some extra luck.

Live Players
For many bingo players the main reason they play is for the fantastic community of people, chatting to other players is good fun.

BingoCams is one site which makes chatting to other players even more entertaining with video chat. You can now play bingo and see all the other players, the site features group chat and private video chat. It’s a fantastic way to meet new people and have some fun, the best bit is seeing peoples faces when they win.

Both of the above sites add something new to the online bingo games you may have been playing, why not visit each site to learn more about live bingo. Warning: once you try live bingo all other bingo site will feel very boring.

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