Play Deal or no Deal Online

Play Deal or no deal online game

Play Deal or no deal online game

Can you beat the banker online? Thanks to the huge popularity of the Channel 4 game show Deal or no Deal, you can now play the game online for fun or for real cash. There is a variety of online versions to be played, many can be played for free.

Sign-up and play for free online

If you have watched the T.V show hosted by Noel Edmonds then you will be familiar with how the game is played, the format of this version is almost identical to the TV show. In the online version you must first choose a box to play with. Following this you must then reveal the value of each remaining 25 boxes.

This is the most popular online version of deal or no deal. It replicates the format of the TV show allowing players to pick and open their chosen boxes one at a time. Just like the TV show players will get a phone call from the infamous banker and receive an offer for their box. Players can choose to accept the offer or instead “no deal” and carry on for another round.

Play online for free

The best way to try the games we recommend here on Lucky Games is to play them yourself. Luckily deal or no deal can be played for free at a number of online sites. See our table above to find out which sites allow you to play for free. You will probably have to sign-up before playing however you will not have to deposit a penny.

Banker pays out £1million to one lucky online player

Believe it or not, you can win more money playing this game online than if you were a contestant on the TV show. Deal or no deal online slots has created some of the biggest winners in DOND history, while the game requires little skill, players can win life changing amounts.

The Deal or No Deal online slot game format is based on a 20 line slot machine expectation and the ultimate aim of the game is to win the progressive jackpot but players can also win cash prizes via the bonus round feature.

2 Responses to Play Deal or no Deal Online

  1. Frederick Tillman says:

    I watch the show all the time, and I tell myself, I can beat that banker. If, can get a chance.

  2. Terry-Ann Wallace says:

    I love deal or no deal, i always watch the show and i always wanted a chance to play.

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