Deal or no Deal winners

Deal or no Deal has produced some memorable moments, but nothing compares to the times when the banker is truly defeated and contestants walk away with the big jackpot. The U.K has seen two big DOND winners each scooping £250,000.

TV show winners

In the U.K the Banker has had to write a cheque for £250,000 on two separate occasions. The first big winner was Laura Pearce who was the first player to win the jackpot on January 7, 2007. It took another two years before the prize was won again, this came in March 12, 2009 when Alice Munday won big. So far no male contestant has won the top prize clearly the banker prefers the girls!

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The biggest ever DOND win was on the Dutch version of the show. In 2001 Arno Woesthoff won a staggering $6,600,000, this has gone down as the largest ever cash prize won by a T.V show contestant. You can find more about international deal or no deal winners around the world on this deal or no deal wikipedia page.

Online Deal or no Deal winners

Due to its popularity you can now play deal or no deal online, this has also created some big jackpot winners. In fact the online version of DOND has had bigger jackpots than the T.V show.

Online cash and prize game site Jackpotjoy has had some huge winners on their site. In August 2010 one player won an amazing £1.9million playing deal or no deal online. This huge amount has changed the winners life forever.

The winner who is called Matthew G has this to say:

My head still feels numb, I’m just so shocked! I kept refreshing my balance to check the money’s still there. I couldn’t believe it had actually happened. The support team were great over the Bank Holiday weekend assuring me it was all real!

I’m still living in a day dream and really can’t believe this has happened to me.

I am definitely fulfilling my promise to my friend who will be getting £250,000, but apart from that I have no idea how I will spend it.

This winner won online by playing a popular slots version of the game where the jackpot keeps getting bigger until someone wins the jackpot. There are lots of different deal or no deal online games, you can find out more by reading our review.

So Deal or no Deal is definitely a lucky game to play and is open to anyone to have a go. Maybe you would like to find out how to apply to be a contestant by reading our guide.

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