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Apply for deal or no deal formThe channel 4 game show Deal or no Deal is watched by up to 4 million people and can literally make dreams come true. So it is no wonder lots of people want to take part in the fun and beat the banker for big money.

2012 Applications now Open Channel 4 are currently looking for new contestants to appear on Deal or no Deal, have you got what it takes to beat the banker? Find out how to apply below.

Sign-up for free and play Deal or no Deal online, you could win over £250,000 by playing from the comfort of your home.

Applying for the TV gameshow is done at certain times during the year to coincide with the start of each new season. The best way to become a contestant is to check the official website and also the channel 4 website.

Becoming a deal or no deal contestant can be tricky due to the volume of applications channel 4 receive however there is good news! There are lots of other ways to play the game and even win a huge amount of money. The biggest jackpot for a Deal or no Deal game was actually won by an online player, you can read about deal or no deal winners here or even find out how to play the deal or no deal online game.

Apply for tickets to be in the audience for deal or no deal

The next best thing to being a DOND contestent is to be in the audience watching Noel do his magic. The show is filmed and Bristol and is ½ mile away from Bristol Temple Meads train station. You can apply for up to 6 tickets, however everyone must be 18 years old or over.

On the official website you will find an application form to fill out, the form asks for a few basic questions. If your application is successful you will hopefully find yourself visiting the dream factory very soon.

Did you know? DOND films three shows a day, five days a week for two weeks at a time. That’s 15 shows a week! Episodes have to be filmed well in advance as many run on for two to three hours each and need to be edited down to fit in to the allotted time slot. Most contestants have been on there for no longer than 30 shows, which is about two weeks in real-time, however the production team ask for a commitment of four weeks from people just in case.

How about playing online for free?

If your thinking about applying or have applied to be on the show then don’t forget you can beat the banker online as well! There are a number of sites which let you play a great online version of Deal or no Deal. Our favourite is at Jackpotjoy, not only can you try the game for free but you can also win £millions. Yes you heard correctly – one lucky winner played the DOND jackpot game online and won over £1 million.

So why not join other DOND fans in the chat room and start playing this great game for free or real money by just signing-up. Have fun!

31 Responses to Apply to be a contestent

  1. adam bradley says:

    I would like to appear on deal or no deal how do i get an application form Please

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi Adam, try the official deal or no deal website. You can sign-up and apply online, good luck!

  3. Shirley g says:

    I would like to be a contestant on your show would you let me know when i can apply i am addicted to the show Shirley

  4. tracy b says:

    hello i would like to know when is the next audition show start for 2010

  5. Michelle smith says:

    I would like to try to beat the banker I think it would be a good experience weather I win or not

  6. Sudha S says:

    I would like to be a contestant, would you let me know when can I appy, I love this show very much.

  7. Angelita Suguaran says:

    deal or no deal- fantastic show, one of my best entertainment & i love watching it. i wish to be one of the contestant on the show… i hope my application will go through!

  8. Robert cruickshank says:

    I wish to compete against the banker an grab the quater of a million pounds and also meet noel hes a good laugh

  9. Barry Brooks says:

    I Would like to be a contestent on your show , cause life is so slow , So wish me luck so i can earn big bucks , and hopefully try and beat he banker

  10. kevin woodfull says:

    kevs got talent i want to spank the banker

  11. Ann Mcnamara says:

    I would love to be on deal or no deal sooooooooooooooooooo much the banker would offer me a good offer just to get rid of me.

  12. sabri oueslati says:

    i would love to be on deal or no deal soooooooooooo much… please give me a chance to play this game, many thanks.

  13. JAYNE DRAKE says:

    i would love to be on deal or no deal, me and the banker will have fun!!!!!!!!!

  14. GLYNN. D says:

    I watch Deal or No Deal every day and would Like to become a contestant, as well as meet Noel & have fun with the Banker.

  15. simon. s. says:

    I have watched deal or no deal since it began, and love the banter between Noel, the banker and contestants.It would be a pleasure to compete on the show.

  16. mr patrick goff says:

    the chance to try and win a nice amount would be amazing;i could stop doing plastering 12 hours a day and weekends .and try and bring smiles on my families faces thank you .

  17. brian lee says:

    i absolutely love the show, and would love to have a contest with the banker. thanks, brian

  18. Monique farrell says:

    i would like to go on the show deal or no deal how do I get a application form

  19. John Latham says:

    I have always been a gambler I would love the chance to challenge the banker head to head

  20. thomas hall says:

    hi my name is thomas i would like to be on deal or no deal how do i get the 2011 application form

  21. mohammed arfan says:

    hi woud like to be on deal or no deal

  22. angela shaw says:

    hi i love the program and most of all i love noel

  23. Evlyn Slade says:

    i really love the programme and watch it almost every evening

  24. carole norman says:

    just want to be a quarter of a millionaire xx

  25. Sharon Scott says:

    Hi, i’d like to apply to be a contestant on Deal or no deal could you please advise how to obtain an application form. thank you.

  26. usha vijith says:

    Hi my name is usha I would like to be on deal or no deal. how do i get the application form.

  27. katie bellerby says:

    My name is katie I watch deal or no deal everyday, I would love to be a contestant on the show, iv never gambled before but would give it ago and would love to meet noel edmonds. No one better could run the show I think the banker is mr blobby .

  28. wasana fisher says:

    Hi could you please let me know when i can apply for a application form to be a contestant on dond.I watch the show every day and would love to take part and spank the banker. thanks

  29. Evlyn Slade says:

    Hi, I would really like to be a contestant on Deal or no Deal, I have cerebral pasly but I would like the oppertunity to obtain an application form. Thanks

  30. scott clarke says:

    it would be a dream come true to apear on dond would be able to travel the world if i won some money.

  31. liz oliver says:

    i would be made up to appear on my favourate program,although it has taken a lot of nerve just to apply have thought about applying so many times but never had the nerve,.will probably freak out if i was chosen to go further.i am always amazed how well everybody gets on, like one big happy family,would love to be a part of that family.