Play Blockbusters

Re-visit the classic TV show Blockbusters by playing the game online for real money.

Remember that theme tune? There are a number of different online versions of Blockbusters all with their own twist on the popular quiz show hosted by Bob Holness.

Play these games online at Paddy Power Games

Instant Win Scratchcard

If you are looking for a fast paced Blockbusters fix which pays big then the official scratchcard might be the game for you. This jackpot game gives you the chance of winning 500x your stake, simply match 3 symbols and reveal your winnings.

This game has fantastic graphics and of course includes the famous theme tune, you can also pick your own mascot to keep you lucky.

Blockbusters game screenshot

Play and win blockbusters online

Blockbusters Slot Game

Fancy spinning the reels and going for gold? Another great Blockbusters game is this official video slot which gives you more chance to win big. The entertaining 15 reel video slot adds the excitement of blockbusters to the reel spinning frenzy of slots.

Look out for the Gold Run icons, reveal 3 or more and you will find yourself playing for 1 of 3 gold rewards.

  • ‘Pick Again’: Removes the tile from the board but the player can continue to select another.
  • ‘Exit Bonus’: Ends the bonus. The player leaves with the total of the monetary awards collected so far.
  • Tiles become selectable if they are connected to the far left side of the board or to a monetary award tile. Should the player successfully make it to the far right side of of the board, their accumulated bonus award is doubled and the bonus ends!

So, without further ado, Let’s Play Blockbusters!

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