Play Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled 2 is a puzzle game which is free to play with, the leading game site.

Anyone can play this game it takes seconds to learn! Simply move the jewls to make rows or columns of 3 and more. A much more exciting version of connect 4 this game has numerous levels which allow you to progress.

If I’m honest most puzzle game seem to bore me, but this one is definitely not boring. The sounds mixed with great graphics mean that it offers endless play!

This is one of my favourite FREE games on the internet! This online version allows you to play in tournaments and chat to opponents.

Normally this game costs £20, but you can play it free.

Bejeweled is brought to you by Pop Com and normally costs money to play, however have teamed up with the makers to offer the online game to by plated for free. This is really great all you have to do is sign up, while the game loads you will see some small advertisements but this does not effect the game play at all.

Play Bejeweled Game Online

Play Bejeweled Game Online

Train you brain with this puzzle

Not only is this game fun but it also gets those brainwaves working, the puzle elements you have to think quick and beat the clock.

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